Olive Grove


The Domaine de Bigot is home to 500 olive trees consisting of regional varieties, such as Picholine and Aglandau, producing its own estate olive oil.


The Aglandau olive is valued for its fruity artichoke taste while the peppery Picholine starts with the taste of dried fruits. The combination of both leads to a superb herbal, fruity olive oil.


An exceptional moment to share, the harvesting of these olives produces 700L of extra virgin olive oil per year.
The olives are taken to the nearby renowned mill, Le Moulin de Calanquet, where they are pressed within 24 hours to avoid fermentation. After the first cold pressing, the production process is purely mechanical. This superior quality extra virgin olive oil is obtained solely from the Domaine de Bigot olives.


The Greeks and Romans first started growing olives on the northern slopes of the Alpilles. Ever since, the Provence olive, whether green or black, has been the pride of the Bouches du Rhone region, now the leading producer of olive oil in France.


This « Green Gold » is the emblematic ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine. This oil offers not only a healthy diet but also one of pleasure, adding taste and aroma to all your recipes.