Forest and Lake


The Forest:

A fitness trail has been marked out in the forest to discover the flora and its scents.


A furnished cabin can be found at the highest point of the property with an exceptional view, perfect to be alone, to read or meditate but also to enjoy a picnic.


No need to worry, for the less courageous the estate’s utility vehicle can transport you and your provisions to the cabin for a cosy meal together.


The Lake:

The presence of this lake accentuates the unique quality of the property. It is fully fenced and secured.
Lush vegetation is abundant and in the centre a vast flower sculpture emerges from the depths. It is in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings and is illuminated at night to guide your way.


Not surprisingly this peaceful haven attracts wild birds to nest.


You can also enjoy the tranquility during a romantic boat trip or a spot of fishing.